Professional assembly

  • committed partnership from start to finish
  • connection of the electronics with appropriate mechanics or complete assembly
  • > 60 years of experience in mechatronics and device assembly
  • offering the entire box build process from assembly to EOL test to packaging and shipping

Regardless of whether the parts were provided by the customer or designed in-house according to customer specifications, the engineers at GBS always think one step further and pass on knowledge for improvement potential to the customer.

Optimized assembly lines

Once the circuit board has been assembled and checked, it is completed in the assembly area to form components or devices.
The work is carried out with extreme precision. Millimeter work is often required to ensure that a connector fits into the housing in a precise position.

Depending on the project, the work is divided into individual work steps. This creates optimized assembly spaces or entire lines in the production area. Several lines are even being set up for some customers, be it to illustrate product variants or to better process the production volume. Especially for customers from the automotive and medical technology sector, each workstation is equipped with a scanner in order to guarantee continuous traceability.

Professional work preparation

In cooperation with the quality department, a specific instruction is prepared for each workstation, which enables the required work steps to be carried out error-free and in a manner that prevents confusion. These include, for example, illustrated instructions and exploded views.

The professional arangement of the workplace is equally important. Manufacturing aids optimize work steps. The aim is to deliver consistently high quality while enabling cost-effective and quick installation. Devices are developed in our own production service that standardize work steps or summarize activities.

End of line test (EOL)

Once the component or device is fully assembled, the functionality is tested. The test depth is coordinated with the customer in advance. Everything is possible, from a subjective function test to the development of an automated test process using defined test programs.

Packaging and delivery to logistics

At the end of the line there is the packaging so that the products can be handed over to the warehouse or logistics smoothly. Depending on the customer's requirements, the components are delivered to the customer in individual or collective packaging for further processing. Finished end products are packed in a decorative box.

Excellently trained employees

We are very proud of our employees. Many of them have been part of the team for many years. New employees undergo several weeks of training, which gradually introduces them to the requirements of precision mechanical assembly. They get to know all activities, from assembly and approval to quality control. So everyone in the group can be used flexibly and replace other team members in the event of illness or vacation.