PCB support with the BrushForm

  • low-vibration fixation of the circuit board
  • low acquisition costs
  • easiest operation
  • available for almost all placement machines
  • reliable support even for very thin circuit boards
  • adapts optimally to the contour of the circuit boards
  • individual, customer-specific dimensions possible at short notice
  • modular design: any number of modules can be used

The economic support system for PCB assembly

The BrushForm support system is ideal for supporting printed circuit boards and damps vibrations when assembling SMD components in high-performance placement machines. The damping effect is achieved by a flat, even adaptation of the bristles to the underside of the circuit board, which means that no punctual loads occur, e.g. on components of double-sided printed circuit boards. The modules are firmly attached to the machine table by magnets and can be easily integrated into all common SMD pick and place machines with minimal effort. The set-up time is approx. 60 seconds, the system is low-maintenance, low-wear and complies with ESD.

BrushForm Flyer

Choose the size

The length of the BrushForm is determined by the maximum length of the circuit board that you want to drive over the machine. The height corresponds to the distance from the machine table to the circuit board. The number of modules depends on the stability of the circuit board. If the single panel is only slightly connected in the panel and the panel is therefore more susceptible to vibration, up to 3 modules can be placed side by side.

BrushForm standard dimensions


BrushForm request

Less downtime thanks to short set-up times

The BrushForm is fixed to the machine table with magnetic feet. This can be done with any number of modules in a few seconds. This saves you expensive set-up and downtimes and makes your production processes more flexible. The simple structure also eliminates many sources of error.

Low-maintenance and low-wear brushes

As a passive system, the BrushForm is particularly low-maintenance. The durable brushes are ESD-compliant according to DIN EN 61340-5-1. They adapt flexibly to all components and always return to their original shape. This ensures smooth operation in the long term. You can also replace brush heads in a few simple steps.

Available for almost all machine types

The BrushForm modules can be easily used in all common SMD placement machines. In addition to the standard sizes, individual adjustments to your production line are also possible. The length depends on the dimensions of the machine table and the requirements of the circuit board. Just contact us and get competent advice. We also produce special sizes at short notice according to your requirements.

The economical solution

The standstill must be kept low, especially on high-performance placement machines. Due to the low acquisition costs and short set-up times, you can make savings with the BrushForm from the very first day of use. In contrast to magnetic pin support, no complex configuration is required for each circuit board. Both-sided assembly and pin-in-paste processes can also be easily integrated. And due to the simple handling, delays due to incorrect operation are practically excluded. The BrushForm will pay for itself in no time.