Competent manufacturing service and fixture construction

  • manufacturing service with many years of experience
  • individual solutions in the areas of test fixtures and assembly
  • cost-effective and solution-oriented
  • manufacturing of devices according to customer requirements
  • experienced team of mechanical engineers, mechatronics and toolmakers

Device construction - as diverse as the requirements of the manufacturing process

It is often only possible to assemble a component or end device or to test its functionality with the right device. The areas of application in production are as diverse as the requirements of each individual production process. That is why devices are always made to order according to customer requirements.

If you as an EMS customer place an order with Grundig Business Systems for an assembly or end device, you will get the all-round carefree package. It is important to you that your project is implemented cost-effectively and in high quality. Our manufacturing service team analyzes the manufacturing process and then independently makes suggestions for the implementation, including the required devices.

We have an experienced team of mechanical engineers, mechatronics and toolmakers. The machine park allows machining such as turning and milling work as well as sheet metal working and grinding work. So almost every customer request can be fulfilled in-house.


Holding a component in position

It is often necessary to work very precisely during the placement process. A device can help to hold the workpiece in place. This supports the assembler, who can work faster and more effectively, and at the same time ensures a higher quality. For example, a negative form of the device is used for our own Digta 7 dictation machine. The device is inserted into the assembly so that nothing wobbles during the assembly process. This prevents damage and ensures process reliability during assembly.

Automation of work steps

In addition to positioning and fixing the component, a fixture can also be used for partial automation. Different work steps can then be combined in one work step. This is particularly useful for work steps that cannot be carried out accurate enough manually. Working with a fixture ensures a uniform work result and thus also serves quality assurance. This makes assembly faster and more reliable at the same time. In the contract manufacturing for our customer Desko, the circuit board is positioned and fixed by the fixture and at the same time hot-pressed with the plastic part. This saves time during assembly and ensures consistently high quality.

Construction of individual solder frames

With THT assembly in wave soldering systems, standard soldering frames are often not sufficient to execute the soldering process. Sometimes the contour of the circuit board just doesn't fit. In other projects, the underside may already be partially SMD-equipped and must not be reached by the solder wave. For other orders, components are used that could slip or tip over during the soldering process. They must therefore be held in place by a spacer or other device until they are firmly soldered. Individually created soldering frames are required for this. High heat development in the soldering wave can lead to deformation of the underside, especially with plastic components. Without fixation, there is a risk that components will slip or, in the worst case, fall out. The affected components are fixed in this soldering frame by rails.

Fixtures for the functional test of the circuit board

Before a circuit board is installed, its functionality should be tested. The conductivity is checked before the panels are separated. However, it can often only be said whether all device functions actually work as expected when the end device has been fully assembled. If an error is then found, the conversion is complex and expensive. Here own PCB test devices help, which can simulate individual functions in advance. As part of the individual test development, it is agreed with the customer what should be tested and then a corresponding device is developed. The individually developed test device for the circuit board of a heat pump controller can be seen on the left. The circuit board is first fixed and flashed with a special communication firmware for the test. The functions of sensors, display and buttons are then checked and the test results are saved in a protocol under the serial number.