Packaging & logistics

  • ensuring on-time delivery and security for the products
  • professional storage
  • shipping with renowned logistics partners
  • customer-oriented solutions - packaging and storage according to customer specifications
  • own driver for urgent deliveries
  • complete solution - from project planning to cardboard box design to delivery to the customer

Speed and flexibility determine the way an EMS service provider works. The processes in supply chain management must be geared to the fact that the ordered goods can be delivered in time and in quality.

Traceability right from the start

With automotive customers in particular, end-to-end traceability is the basic requirement for cooperation. The history of each individual component and even the auxiliary and operating materials is already stored when the goods are received at GBS. If an error occurs later, you can see exactly which batch a component belonged to, where it came from and when or in which product it was installed. This makes it easier to narrow down sources of error. An initial quality check is carried out as part of the incoming goods inspection. The material is then either stored or made available for production.

Systematic chaotic warehousing

The storage of the components is optimized according to the planned flow of goods. Fabrics relevant to production can be found on flow racks directly in the production hall and therefore directly accessible for the employees. There is also a flexible storage space for all goods in the warehouse. Pallet racks are available for heavy loads. Many small parts can be stored in Kardex bearings. Thanks to this, the goods for production are quickly accessible. The corresponding setup lists are used to outsource the components under computer control and make them available to the manufacturing process. The main advantage of this paternoster system is the good use of space. The shelves are installed high up in the warehouse. The system is self-contained and therefore protected against dust. Thanks to computer-aided storage, warehousing can be chaotic. It is important that it is known at all times which part is in which quantity and at which storage location. In this way, it is even possible to map the inventory via the storage system.

Good planning is essential

The production of an assembly can only be started if all relevant components are really available. Regardless of whether the customer is providing accessories or whether components have been sourced from GBS, the disposition has everything in view. Every component is tracked. A computerized traffic light system helps to identify bottlenecks at an early stage.

Machine occupancy takes place after utilization by network technology via the ERP system. In the incoming goods department, the urgency of a delivery is recognized immediately and the component is given priority in order to meet the delivery deadlines. If the delivery is not made in time, the following products will move up to avoid machine downtimes as far as possible. In the normal case, however, component tracking ensures on-time delivery from the upstream suppliers so that the planned production schedule is adhered to.

Individual packaging concepts

Once the series ordered by the customer has been manufactured, it will be delivered on time. The right packaging ensures safe transport so that the goods arrive at the customer without damage. A packaging concept is developed together with the customer. We also pay attention to environmental and cost aspects.

We developed a successful packaging concept with the Axion company. It is about pendulum packaging that, cleverly used, save resources and money. Glass panels are delivered in special trays. These are protected in the tray with ESD-compatible inserts in order to survive the transport route from China safely. The filled trays are placed on the assembly lines and the lenses are removed from them during the process. The fully assembled modules are then put back into empty trays and delivered to the customer for further processing in the same trays. This packaging concept not only ensures safe transport, but also the processing of the goods for production. By reusing the packaging, unnecessary amounts of waste are avoided and additional costs are saved.

Flexible delivery to the customer

As part of the planning, it is agreed with the customer at what intervals and where the goods are delivered. The GBS warehouse offers enough space to store customer goods in the long term. However, production often takes place just in time and the goods must be delivered for further processing as quickly as possible. A direct delivery of finished pieces to the end customers of our customers is also possible.

Depending on the package, the shipping method is agreed with the customer. Sending parcels via traditional courier services is often excluded. Modules in particular that have not yet been permanently installed in a housing are very sensitive and could be damaged if handled improperly. Larger volumes are partially handed over to freight forwarders. A separate delivery vehicle with driver is available for trips in the Franconia and Upper Palatinate area within the tour planning.